Joe Schmo

by Aleksandr Katane

This past November I had the privilege to host my buddy Joseph Indrikovs.  Joseph Indrikovs lives in Riga, Latvia and I met him on a half year missions stint in Valga, Estonia.  Joe and I really hit it off and he lived with me for half a year as I became his ministry mentor.  God is good and Joe continues to do ministry in Valga focusing on teens in the city.  His ministry project is called Soldiers of Faith.  Whata guy.  

Anyways I bought Joe a ticket here and he spent a month helping me edit wedding videos for my company and enjoying America.  I like hosting foreigners because they open up my eyes to things I take for granted in America.  Joe, for example, loved how beautiful the police and firetrucks looked as they lit up the night.  He would start to sing Christmas carols as they drove off to an emergency.  Joe loved how everything is so big in America, especially laundry detergent.  He just about lost his mind in Sams Club purchasing a six pack of deodorant.






I’ll miss you Joe.  Come back soon.

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